Zika = Made by white men to kill Mixedrace people and brown afro people

the Zika virus was created in 1947 by white men in Uganda. Now it has been released in mosquitoes. It justs so happens to be that Bill Gatesofhell have introduced GMO mosquitoes wich can be used as ”vaccines” in other words in can be used as a carrier of a disease also.  And now its been released. Into the Heart of Brazil where most Hestanfell people live today.  The white man is a subhuman scumbag who have only gotten rich by stealing,killing and betraying our ancestors. He fears us for we are the most active raciall group out there. And it has been proven that we are the superiour race. Wake up!  And Join HMTFF !  Brazil is divided and could easily become a great nation if the Hestanfells were to rule it. The white man fear Hestanfells and mixed people, Look what theyre doing in Columbia for instance. And in Brazil the white man along with his jewish master spray poison in mixedrace communitys to ”save them from zika” They also tell brown people that they should wait with having babies and that they should abort their babies. Once again the genocide of the Hestanfell race is taking place. Will you just stand and look or will you join the revolt?


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